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The Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI-DS) is an interdisciplinary field that combines Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics to create intelligent System that can learn from data. The main goal of the department is to develop algorithms, tools and techniques that enable machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence such as language understanding, Image recognition and decision making. The department utilizes Machine Learning,Natural Language Processing, Deep learning other advanced technologies to build intelligent systems that can make predictions, analyze data and automate process
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  • 27 May '24

    6 Days Virtual Faculty Development Program On Quantum Computing 27.05.2024…

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  • 01 Jan '70

    MTS society and IEEE CIS “Webinar on Marine Data Analytics”…

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  • 25 Apr '24

    Technical event “STANDARDX 24” on 25.04.24

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  • 18 Apr '24

    Skilling program on consumer conclave on 18th April 2024

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  • 16 Apr '24

    The Power of Tools: Live Demonstrations and Applications – April…

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  • 17 Apr '24

    Innovate with Purpose: IEEE-CIS Design Thinking Skilling Program

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  • 13 Apr '24

    Skilling program on AI tools-13.04.2024

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  • 08 Apr '24

    Guest lecture on Industrial Insight on 08.04.2024 at Sri Sairam…

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  • 04 Apr '24

    Robotics club ” Hands on training on Tableau” from 04.04.2024…

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  • 17 Feb '24

    WorkShop on “YOLO” on 17.02.2024 (TIME:7:00-8:30)

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