S. No.Name of the FacultyPatent TitleDate
2021- 2022
1Ms. A. Rehash Rushmi PavitraCrossover Networking Based Sustainable Methodologies to Ensure Real Time Monitoring and Controlled in Aquaculture Environment2021
2Mr.V.ArunVoice Based Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Mentally Retarded Persons2021
1Ms.C. EstherANTI Jamming Vehicle communication with machine learning techniques.2022
2Dr.Swagata SarkarAn Integrated Adapter Device with Selective Power Distribution and Charge Characteristics Information Retrieval System.2022
3Mr.V.ArunImproved Intrusion Detection System Using Genetic-Fuzzy Search Feature.2022
4Mr.V.ArunCRF Based Intrusion Detection System using Genetic Search Feature Selection for NSSA.2022
5Dr.Swagata SarkarA System For Forecasting Short Term Wind Speed Based on Deep Neural Network Transfer Model.2022
6Dr. A. Rehash Rushmi PavitraTo Design and Analysis of Garbage Monitoring Systems using the Internet of Things.2022
1Ms. Zionna Sen G BLI-FI Technology Integrated With Sensing And Analytical System2023
2Dr.Swagata SarkarSystem and Methods of Smart Education using Integrated system of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and Virtual voice Assistant2023
3Dr.Swagata SarkarAutomatic Traffic Signal Control and Dedicated traffic signal light for emergency vehicles2023
4Dr.Swagata SarkarThe characteristics of an innovative propagation approach for sixth- generation (6G) Mobile Communication Systems2023
5Dr.Swagata SarkarIOT based Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection and Rescue System2023
6Dr.Swagata SarkarAI & ML Based System for Prediction of Wind Power for Multi-Turbine2023
7Dr.Swagata SarkarDetect & Prevent Malware in Cyber Security using AI-DL2023
8Dr.Swagata SarkarNeural Network for EGG Anomaly Detection in IoT Environment2023