UGC Journals

  • 1. Dr.Swagata Sarkar HOD/AI-DS published the research paper “A Glimpse Into The World Of Augmented Reality” in 2022 International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT), UGC approved Volume 10, Issue 7 July 2022 | ISSN: 2320-2882
  • 2. Dr.Swagata Sarkar HOD/AI-DS ” Recommendation System Using Machine Learning: Concept and Technology” in International Journal of Scientific Research in Engineering and Management (IJSREM), UGC approved, Volume: 06 Issue: 07 | July – 2022 Impact Factor: 7.185 ISSN: 2582-3930.
  • 3. Mr.V.Arun AP/AI-DS “An survey on IOT Enabled Smart Vision Assistant Using Pir Sensor” June 2022.
  • 4. Ms.C.Esther, Ms.Gomathy, Ms.Jena Catherine Bel D,Ms.P.Kalaiselvi AP/AI-DS “A Review on Crop Recommendation System Using Iot And AI” July 2022
  • 5. Ms.C.Esther, Ms.Zionna Sen AP/AI-DS “A Review on Computer Vision Based Mechanisms for tracking the objects using surveillance Drone” August 2022
  • 6. Ms. C.Esther AP/AI-DS “A review paper on Detection of pothole and spead breaker using internet of things” June 2022
  • 7. Ms.Gomathy G, Ms. Zionna Sen G B , Ms. P. Kalaiselvi , Ms. Jena Catherine Bel D AP/AI-DS “A Comparative Study of Deep learning Methods Applied to Image Segmentation” August 2022
  • 8. Ms. P. Kalaiselvi, Ms.Gomathy G, Ms.P.Kalaiselvi,Ms.Zionna Sen ,Ms.Jena Catherine Bel AP/AI-DS “Prediction and Analysis of Wilson Diseases using Hepatitis Data Sets” August 2022
  • 9. Mr. Jayachandiran U AP/AI-DS “Automated Vehicular System Using Driverless Car” February 2018